Kiddimoyo why your little one should wear cycle gloves

Why Should Your Little One Wear Cyling Gloves?

Why Should Your Little One Wear Cyling Gloves?

Kids cycling gloves are still a relatively niche product. Not readily available from many 'kids bike brands', gloves are seen by many as an unnecessary add on purchase when buying a kids bike. But, here's why you should think about protecting their palms - you won't be able to wait until you've got your mitts on them! 

1. Have You Ever Picked Gravel Out Of A Graze?

It is not nice. Our instinct when any of us begin to fall is to put out or hands to soften the blow and on any surface this can be painful! Our kids riding gloves have padded palms to not only cushion but protect from any nasty scrapes

Kiddimoto gloves protect you from the elements.

2. Protection From The Elements!

We encourage riding (safely!) whatever the weather. Little hands can get cold in windy or rainy conditions and our gloves provide that extra layer to keep them cosy. Plus, with their clever cellular construction, they keep them cool in the summer months too! 

3. Get A Grip! 

When you're learning to ride a bike, grip is pretty important! Not having a secure clasp on the handlebars at a crucial moment could cause an accident. The palms on our gloves.are soft and padded, but provide that added bit of grip to ensure their safety. 

4. Looking Pretty Cool

Our accessories are some of the only ones on the market that match our bikes, and each other! Complete the look with a coordinating helmet, gloves bell and bike. All from just £6.

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