Kiddimoto How to get your families bikes ready for spring

Can't Wait For Half Term Adventures? How To Get Your Bike Ready For Spring

Can't Wait For Half Term Adventures? How To Get Your Bike Ready For Spring

Can’t wait for your Half Term adventures? – How To Get Your Bike Ready For Spring      

Have your bikes and balance bikes been put to bed for the winter? We’ll let you off, damp weather and dark days do not necessarily create the most enticing cycling conditions.

Well, finally spring is around the corner and warmer weather is predicted just in time for Half Term. Below, we give you some handy tips to get your bike, balance or otherwise back in tip top shape for those all important spring adventures.

Kiddimoto get your bike ready for spring

Give it a good scrub

Now the hosepipe has finally defrosted, it’s a good time to give your bike a wash to get rid of all the sand, gravel, grass and mud from last year.

Use a brush for the tyre grooves if it’s really frozen in there in the cold, you can just use water or take a look at some brilliant cleaning gear from our friends at Weldtite. Don’t forget to give it a quick pat dry to prevent any unwanted rusting.

If you have one of our wooden balance bikes, water is ok for cleaning the tyres but will saturate the wood. Use a natural, non-toxic furniture polish to smarten up the frame.  

Kiddimoto check your brakes before spring


After a whole summer of fun, it’s likely that there is some form of wear on your brake pads. Test them out, are they squeakier than you remember? New pads often have grooves, or ‘teeth’ similar to the tread on a tyre. If this is no longer prominent it may be time to change them.

Also, check your brake cables – if they feel a little lose they can often be tightened with an adjustable spanner where the cables meet the handlebars.

Take a look at our video all about adjusting brakes on our Super Junior Max bikes.



The health of your bikes tyres is probably the most crucial check. Cold and damp weather conditions as well as any general wear can leave them in a bad way. Like your brakes, check the tread to make sure it is still prominent – if not it may be time to change.

Kiddimoto check your tyres before spring

If you can hear air escape once you’ve pumped them up, the most probably have a puncture!


None of our balance bikes have chains to maintain (hoorah!), but we understand that your family will be at different stages along their cycling journeys.

Kiddimoto check your chain

Check your chain for any signs of ruse or dirt build up, if needs be take it off and give it a good clean!

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