Pastel Dotty Bicycle Helmet

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5 Great Reasons to Buy from Us

Want safety that's as cool as ice cream for breakfast? 

Meet the Kiddimoto Pastel Dotty Kids Helmet – your child's amazing partner in protection and style.

What's the scoop?

Getting kids to wear helmets can be as challenging as getting them to eat their greens. But guess what? We've cooked up the helmet version of their favorite morning treat.


  • Style Choice: Say goodbye to dull helmets! Pick from a range of funky designs that match your child's personality.
  • All-Day Comfort: No more helmet fuss. Our comfy fit means they won't be rushing to take it off.
  • Full-On Protection, No Bulk: It's like an adult helmet, minus the weight: all the protection, no heaviness.
  • Stay-Put Fit: Adjustable straps ensure a secure fit so they won't budge during their adventures.
  • Built Tough: Quality materials that handle wild play without losing their cool.
  • Stay Cool: Our design keeps their heads fresh and comfy, even on long rides.
  • Easy-Clean: Removable padding means quick cleaning for new escapades.

Age Suitability:

Whether they're 2 years or 10, We've got them covered in two sizes: S and M.

Tech Specs:

Material: Quality composite materials for a lightweight yet sturdy feel.

Weight: Light enough for comfort, heavy on protection.

Strap Success: Fully adjustable straps for that perfect fit.

Safety Assurance: Approved and tested to meet global safety standards.


1: Can this helmet handle their wild play?

A: Absolutely! It's designed for all their adventures.

2: How do I ensure it fits just right?

A: Adjustable straps ensure a snug and secure fit.

3: Is it suitable for all seasons?

A: Yes! It's ready for anything, anytime.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 101 reviews
      James Dodd
      Dotty crashed well

      My 3 year old had a hard crash on his forehead. The inner polystyrene compressed and cracked, with the outer shell undamaged. The helmet has thick pads as well. He had a wide red patch showing the hit was spread over a wide area, but he was fine. I’m glad I taken the time to properly adjust the helmet and it’s easy to do. Obviously, this helmet has to go in bin, but will be getting a replacement.

      Helen Blackburn


      Thank you!

      Stephanie Kempe
      Jederzeit wieder!

      Ich habe den Helm zum 4. Geburtstag meiner Tochter bestellt, er passt perfekt und lässt sich leicht verstellen. Außerdem sieht er einfach nur zauberhaft aus.

      Thank you!


      Er ist zwar recht nett, aber deckt viel zu wenig Kopf ab... er sitz wie eine Schüssel... bei Sturz ist er nur mehr halb am Kopf gehangen. im Winter mit stirnband hält er schon gar nicht... Also Preis Leistung stimmen nicht. Wir besorgen uns gerade einen Neuen.

      Thank you!


      Great helmet, fits my daughters head perfectly. Very pleased and she loves the polka dots so no trouble getting her to wear it

      Thank you!

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