Why use a balance bike

Why use a balance bike

A balance bike is a type of bicycle that is designed for young children who are learning how to ride a bike. Instead of pedals, a balance bike has only two wheels, a frame, a seat, and a handlebar. The child sits on the seat and pushes off the ground with their feet to move the bike forward.

Using a balance bike can have several benefits for young children who are learning to ride a bike:

  1. Develops balance and coordination: Riding a balance bike requires the child to use their balance and coordination skills to stay upright and steer the bike.

  2. Builds confidence: By allowing the child to move and balance on their own, without the need for stabilisers, they can develop confidence and a sense of independence in their abilities.

  3. Eases transition to a pedal bike: Once the child has mastered balance and steering on a balance bike, they will find it easier to transition to a pedal bike since they have already learned how to balance and control a two-wheeled bike.

  4. Safer than traditional bikes: Balance bikes are typically lower to the ground than traditional bikes, which makes them less intimidating for young children and reduces the risk of injury from falls.

Overall, using a balance bike is an excellent way for young children to develop essential skills and confidence that will help them transition to a pedal bike in the future.

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