Kiddimoto Super Junior Max Review

Super Junior Max Review by The DADventure

Super Junior Max Review by The DADventure

The Review: Super Junior Max by The DADventurer

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When I think back to my favourite things as a kid, riding a bike was definitely up there. As a pre-teen, a bike can make you feel on top of the world – the thrill, the speed, the ability to go anywhere and do anything. If I remember rightly, I had an orange Raleigh Chopper – although it was probably a cheap knock-off version – and it went with me on all my adventures after the momentous achievement that is learning to ride your bike.

Things have changed a bit though. These days, it’s all about toddler balance bikes. These look like ‘normal’ bikes, but they don’t have pedals. The idea is that your kid learns the important skill of balancing by sitting on the bike and pushing themselves along with their feet. As their confidence grows, they then learn to steer as they take their feet off the ground. As such, they transition to proper bikes quicker and smoother without the need for stabilisers or a parent frantically chasing them down a hill after accidentally letting go.


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The Super Junior Max balance bike and accessories can be bought directly from Kiddimoto or from other retailers such as Halfords, Evans Cycles and Amazon. The bike retails at £79.99, the helmet £30.00 and the gloves £8.00









The DADventurer Star Rating

Super Junior Max Balance Bike – 5 out of 5 stars

Helmet – 5 out of 5 stars

Gloves – 4.5 out of 5 stars

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