Fire Engine Ride On review – Quite Frankly She Said

Award-nominated blogger Sian (Quite Frankly She Said) has written a great review of our beautiful new Fire Engine ride on. Here’s a snippet…

fire engine ride on review kiddimoto

“Pregnant with my first baby, I envisioned an organised home with a play area for him, full of brightly coloured, wooden toys that would last for years to come and be passed down through to his siblings. Fast forward five years and two more children later, my home has become full of plastic. Noisy plastic toys. Which for the most part I’m not that adverse to. But what has happened is we’ve amassed so many toys, given by well-meaning relatives, that the house is overrun and the boys are overwhelmed by choice. And I am overwhelmed with picking them up everyday.”

About our Fire Engine Ride On:

“It is really sturdy, even just about taking Noah’s weight who is a good two years older than the upper age limit! The steering is fully functional so Jude can steer around the house with ease. There is space under the seat for storage, so Jude’s monkey, Ah-ha, gets to come along for the ride, too. The ride-on is designed for children aged 0-2 and helps nurture their sense of independence, balance and gross motor skills.”

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