Kiddimoto On Holiday - Take Your U-Zoom Scooter Anywhere

Kiddimoto on Holiday | Taking your U-Zoom away with you

Kiddimoto on Holiday | Taking your U-Zoom away with you

Take Kiddimoto on Holiday this summer. Whether you are holidaying abroad or in the UK this summer have you considered how your little one is going to get around? Here’s some reasons why we think the Kiddimoto U-Zoom scooter is a perfect travel solution:

  1. Speed

We all know the frustration of little ones walking slow, holding you up from getting to that all important flight on time. A scooter is the perfect way to speed up those little legs while making it fun - less stress for everyone! They're also great for entertainment in airports while you have that much needed sit down, and exercise little legs before sitting on a plane for hours!

Kiddimoto U-Zoom Three Wheel Scooter

  1. Transportable

We have ensured that our U-Zoom is easy to transport by making them light with a fully foldable stem. This makes them perfect to fit into the back of the car, the overhead storage space on an aeroplane and even onto the back of a pushchair. They also feature one click unfolding for when you arrive at your destination and an eager rider can't wait to get going!

Kiddimoto Folding Kids Scooter Can Go On Holiday With You

  1. Distance

As well as speeding those little legs up, scooters are also great for when you need to walk long distances! It is said that little ones legs are less likely to ‘hurt’ if they are having fun scooting along rather than walking.


Take Kiddimoto on holiday - we also stock great Balance Bikes for getting around on your travels, as well as all the accessories needed to keep little one's safe.

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