How to look after your balance bike

How to look after your balance bike

How to look after your balance bike

How to look after your balance bike from the experts here at Kiddimoto!

Once you have built your little ones balance bike it is important to consider its maintenance.

You may have noticed that the balance bike does not come with dust caps – this is for health and safety and to prevent young children from choking. Therefore, the balance bikes tyres may not be pumped up to a safe firmness. Using a regular bike pump inflate the tyres until they are fairly firm.

Before riding you must ensure that the balance bike seat height is correct for your little ones leg length. If the seat is too high then they are more likely to fall off which will damage the bike.

To clean your balance bike after a muddy adventure avoid using direct water as this may cause the bike to rust. Instead, use a damp cloth and ensure that the bike is able to dry quickly and not stay damp.

If you find that your balance bike is missing a part – give us a ring on 01749 871175 and we should be able to replace a part for a small charge. If you try to fix your balance bike independently then your warranty will be void.

It is important that you store your balance bike in a dry area and not outside. If you leave a wooden balance bike outside and it gets damp this may make it unsafe to ride. Similarly, a metal balance bike with damp can encourage rust which can be unsafe.

If you have any more questions on how to look after your balance bike free to pop us an email on:

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