Get Ready To Go Back To School With Kiddimoto

Get Ready For Back To School With Kiddimoto

Get Ready For Back To School With Kiddimoto

Yes, it is that time of year again where parents all over the country are putting those all important back to school plans in place. Here at Kiddimoto, we like to make things a bit easier for you so we asked our followers for their top tips on getting back to school ready!

Of course, the knowledgeable lot at Kiddimoto hq put their ten pence in too!

'Get them in the habit of remembering their school bag! Take it everywhere!'

Vivian, Email

'Always prep for the day the night before, get lunches and clothes even shoes ready at night. Always leave ten minutes extra and put the lounge clock five minutes forward to be on the safe side!'

Farwah, Facebook

Back to school tricks from Kiddimoto pack lunch!

'Get into an early night routine at least a week before the start of school, my little one needs her energy and this certainly helps'

Isaac, Twiter 

'Involve your kids in back to school shopping so they can get excited to use/wear what you have bought'

Jessica, Email

Back to school tips from Kiddimoto

'Buy shoes on the way to school on the first day of term. Growth spurts spare no mercy'

Anton, Twitter

'Towards the end of the holidays, take them to some museums or more cultural places to get them back into learning mode!'

Samuel, Email

'Preparation, preparation, preparation! Don't forget PE kits and name absolutely everything!'

Carrie, Kiddimoto HQ

Back to school with Kiddimoto

'Check local Facebook groups for second hand but still in good condition uniform etc. Some schools are OK with not having the logo on so just a smart cardigan might do in that schools colour. Don't wait around as school clothing goes pretty quick! Label everything!

Daddy Pig, Twitter

'Always wear a helmet if your riding/cycling to school! Especially if you are starting a new school and are not used to riding on or near busy main roads! Ps. you can get great ones from Kiddimoto.....'

Kelly, Kiddimoto HQ

Do you an even better tip? Get in touch @Kiddimoto! 

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