Wooden Balance Bikes

Take a look at our range of wooden balance bikes! From the Kurve to our Heroes replica superbikes, we are sure you will find the right balance bike for your little one!

Figuring out how to ride a bike is one of the exercises of childhood that is essential to the two kids and their parents. In any case, because of the coordination skills expected to appropriately adjust a bike, the use of preparing wheels has turned out to be typical. In any case, preparing wheels frequently give kids an incorrect sense that all is well with the world, which can make the process of transitioning to a traditional bike frustrating for both parents and children.

So, to ease your burden and provide your kids the safest ride, Kiddimoto is available with various types of wooden balance bikes. Our wooden bikes will assist your kids to build a perfect balance and The wooden parity bicycle, does not have wheels. Rather this toy fabricates a tyke's parity and coordination abilities by enabling them to concentrate fundamentally on the demonstration of remaining upright on the bike.

Our different types of wooden balance bikes are not only liked by kids, but by parents too. They appreciate the safety aspect of our wooden balance bike. Because of the way it is designed, it is simple for toddlers to learn how to ride this type of bike. They do not have to worry about their kids falling or losing their balance!

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