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Kiddimoto Kids Boxcart
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Wooden BoxKart

Smell that whiff of nostalgia! BoxKart brings the whole family together whether it be the putting together of it, the playing or the pitstops!

Looking back at the original soap box racers that ruled the hills, they may not quite pass health and safety standards of today! BoxKart comes with added contemporary features for a much smoother (and safer!) ride including a handbrake on the back right wheel so even the most adventurous among us can slow down if needs be. It has slick puncture proof pneumatic tyres for a comfortable ride. 

Made with simple, solid construction from sustainably sourced birch plywood BoxKart provides hours of fun for kids aged 5+ (an ideal Christmas present!) and with its adjustable frame even the adults an have a go! It encourages shared play as little ones push each other around the park or help each other back up a hill.