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Kiddimoto Skull Print Scooter For Kids
Kiddimoto LED Wheel Scooter Skull Pattern

Skullz U-Zoom Scooter

Looking for a 3 wheel tilt and turn scooter suitable for kids aged 18 months and up? Look no further than our Skullz U-Zoom kids scooters. 

- 3 wheel kids scooter

- LED light up wheels no batteries

- Tilt to turn

- One click fold 

- Adjustable handlebars

- Rear brake

- 10 year warranty

They will definitely stand out from the crowd with our tilt to turn 3 wheeled scooters. Available in all your favourite Kiddimoto patterns, these scooters not only look the part but teach little ones how to lean to make turns on a scooter. They have a wide foot plate, adjustable handlebars and a clever one click folding system.

Our scooters have LED light up wheels, that don't need any batteries - very clever indeed! They can hold up to 50kg.